In Nova, we are programming films from a variety of origins, most of which have never been distributed in Belgium and have therefore not been translated in French and/or Dutch. The prints we show often come from abroad and are only subtitled in English or sometimes not at all.
To make the films accessible to a maximum of viewers, we try as much as we can to add subtitles to the versions presented. If possible we subtitle them in the national languages, if not just in English.
We can sometimes use existing subtitles (made by a festival, for a DVD release, etc.) or in other cases, we translate the film ourselves. This extra work is of course not possible for every film shown, so many of them are presented in the version available for projection.

We have developed a software for the live projection of these additional subtitles in the cinema: Qstit. We have chosen to distribute it freely to all interested individuals and structures as an open source software. We are happy to know it is being used throughout the world, in many venues and for all kinds of events. All the information regarding Qstit is available on the dedicated website.

Qstit: Surtitling - Subtitling software

contact: subtitles (at) nova-cinema.org