prog: 164


€ Welcoming of participants, presentation TV Nova, other initiatives and first introduction of the guests.

05.12 > 16:00

€ A satirical homage to contemporary propaganda doctrine. This film consists entirely of intercepted American satellite feeds: unfiltered and raw live-footage of news as well as corporate and governmental broadcasts, destined for the employees and trainees of multinational companies and law-enforcement institutions. Essentially a collage, In Limbo works like an archaeology of "the culture of persuasion", where discourses of advertising, business and politics continuously contaminate each other. (free)

05.12 > 20:00

€ Furious poly-instrumentalist who plays with words and practises "jumslap". A mixture of improvisation and programming across an electro-universe that grooves, trips and hops!

05.12 > 21:30

lang: en
id_rubrique: 167
prog: 164
pos: aval