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€ What are the possibilities for independent media the do a work on the internet? Are collaborations possible? Is web-television really possible?

Indymedia is an international network of media-activists that operates on a local base via the web. / The "International Television News of Districts" is a brand new initiative on the web. Spreading local news world wideŠ is an project coming from Spanish speaking street televisions as Teletambores (Maracay, Venezuela), Clot RTV (Barcelona), Maxambomba (Brasilia). / Valentin Lacambre (Altern) presents a new initiative:, a non-commercial provider for social and community initiatives.

07.12 > 13:30

€ For technical reasons we can"t tell you titel and director of this film. But promised, it"s especially for the true media-activist! It"s about American television and airwave pirates. Says enough huh? ŠFree entrance!

07.12 > 24:00

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