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After an introduction, back in 1998, mainly focused on Studija Kinema’s films productions, we have regularly, throughout 12 years, presented films from Lithuania. This time around, Cinema Nova comes back with a selection of recent feature films, documentaries, animations and shorts. An opportunity to appreciate the new productions of Sharunas Bartas, Audrius Stonys, Kristijonas Vildziunas, Giedre Beinoriuté and Tomas Donela – whose films have already been shown on our screen – but also the work of newcomers in a selection of short student films.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture - Republic of Lithuania and the Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the EU.

From 17.09 to 10.10 - Vernissage: 17.09> 20:00

March 1999. A few kilometers off Tan-Tan. Mouth of the Drâa. Where Sharunas shoots “Freedom”...

17.09 > 20:00



Gytis Luksas, 2009, LT, 35mm, ov lt & ru st ang, 140'

Based on the book by Romualdas Granauskas, Vortex tells the life-story of Juzik. From his childhood in a peaceful village, his teenage years struck by the tragic loss of his friend to adult life with his load of responsibility, the film unveils the whole generation of the Soviet period in Lithuania. And shows the fate of this man lured by the Soviet gloom and broken by fatality.

17.09 > 21:00
5€ / 3,5€

You Am I

Aš esi tu

Kristijonas Vildziunas, 2006, LT-GE, 35mm, ov st ang, 90'

Baron is an architect. One day, leaving everything and everybody behind, he bikes off towards the forest. Where he dreams to build a house in the trees. Bare-handed, overcoming fear and loss of faith, he manages to achieve the construction of his nest. Comfort and peaceful surroundings are enjoyable. Loneliness, not so much. “For me, it is the story about a man who reached the secret of emotional peace and his journey to the very core of sadness and joy, embracing loss and love, dissolution and hope, reality and imagination.” Kristijonas Vildziunas

In presence of Kristijonas Vildziunas & Uljana Kim (03.10).

Screened on Oct 9 with English subtitles. Screened on Oct 3 and 8, with French subtitles.

03.10 > 20:00 + 08.10 > 20:00 + 09.10 > 22:00
5€ / 3,5€

Sharunas Bartas, 2010, LT-FR-RU, 35mm, ov lt ,fr & ru st ang, 111'

Genia (S. Bartas) deals with the Russian mafia. Based in Lithuania with his girlfriend, they decide to go West. In order to achieve that, one last trip to Moscow. Collecting money. There, he hooks up with a former mistress, Sasha (K. Korshunova), high class prostitute. But the deal to get his money back turns sour and he kills the godfather. Him and Sasha are now on a manhunt. That will lead them far. Drifting east. “This movie inaugurates a new period for me. This time around, I wanted to work with a structured script. Tell a story. Before, there was a world of silence; now, my characters are speaking. For this reason, I needed to experiment with new ways of working with the actors.” Sharunas Bartas

18.09 > 20:00 + 24.09 > 22:00 + 01.10 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€

The Corridor


Sharunas Bartas, 1995, LT-GE, 35mm, no dial, 80'

Doors in a corridor. Behind their thresholds, people of all ages and faces. Of whom, Bartas will surreptitiously draw us the life and miseries. Out of all classical narrative construction, he lets us wander among their walls.

19.09 > 22:00
5€ / 3,5€



Sharunas Bartas, 2000, LT-FR-PT, 35mm, no dial, 94'

Two drug dealers on the run carry a lost girl in their trail. But what forces them to escape in a desert? As if the only freedom they were looking for was the one to be alone. Desolated and empty landscapes will meet their lost fates.

10.10 > 22:00
5€ / 3,5€

Guillaume Coudray, 2010, FR-LT, video, ov fr ,lt & ang st ang, 51'

Guillaume Coudray has collaborated with Sharunas Bartas for more than two years. He lived in Studija Kinema, took part in the expedition-shooting of Freedom and discovered Bartas’ ways of life and work. From his first encounter with Sharunas’ films to his last meeting during the completion of Eastern Drift, this film depicts a personal and emotional journey.

In presence of Guillaume Coudray (18/09).

+ Children Lose Nothing

Sharunas Bartas, 2004, LT-DK-FR, video, no dial, 5'

On river banks. Or tops of hills. Children play. Children fight or children kiss. They’ve got nothing to lose. Yet. Bartas’ fragment of the collective film “Visions of Europe”.

18.09 > 22:00 + 10.10 > 20:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Short films



+ Grandpa & Grandma [Senelis ir Bobuté]

Giedre Beinoriuté, 2007, LT, video, ov st ang, 28'

Beinoriuté’s grandparents were exiled to Siberia in1948. Through family and archive footages, little sketches and a soft tone, the director tell us their story.

In presence of Giedre Beinoriuté (08/10).

+ Uku Ukai

Audrius Stonys, 2006, LT, 35mm, ov st ang, 30'

“The world is, first and foremost, passion. However, a passion related to sorrow. Not only death that makes us face Eternity brings sorrow, but also does life that makes us face Time.” Nikolai Berdyayev. Stonys lets us see bodies and gestures of people taking their time. The time of feeling good. A film from head to toes.

In presence of Audrius Stonys (03/10)

+ Earth of Blind [Neregiu Zemé]

Audrius Stonys, 1992, LT, 35mm > video, no dial, 28'

The film leads us into a world of perceptions. Tactile and colourless. Come into the haze... Awarded by the FELIX’92 for the best documentary in Europe.

In presence of Audrius Stonys (03/10)

03.10 > 22:00 + 08.10 > 22:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Short films

Trumpametražiai #1

+ The Boy and The Sea [Berniukas ir jura]

Tomas Donela, 2006, LT, 35mm, ov st fr, 15'

A young boy and his blind grandfather at the beach. Playing hide-and-seek can turn into a puzzling outcome.

In presence of Tomas Donela (19.09)

+ Souther [Pietys]

Tomas Smulkis, 2009, LT, video, ov st ang, 23'

Mouse-trap seller, our guy drives off an argument with his beloved to meet a client. On his road, a strange little city. Surreal and lithuanian.

+ I Know You [Aš Tave žinau]

Dovile Sarutyté, 2009, LT, video, ov st ang, 32'

Grey blockhouses and unreachable persons are everyday life for Ursulé, 15. In those unsettling surroundings, taking the path of life is not easy. Ursulé prefers to dive.

19.09 > 20:00 + 24.09 > 20:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Short films

Trumpametražiai #2

From students of the Academy of Art in Vilnius, these films question us on the changes occurred lately in Lithuania. Oscillations between spite, hope and conformism.

On Oct 8, introduction by G. Beinoriuté, who supervised the making of the films..

+ Bergenas

Andrius Blazevicius, 2009, LT, video, ov st ang, 26'

Encounter in a gloomy restaurant. What a bitter old man and a young thug on the leave have to share?

+ Lernavan

Marat Sargsyan, 2009, LT, video, ov st ang, 24'

Eager to make him discover Lernavan, his birth village, a man sets off on a bus trip with his son. But, a big surprise awaits them at their reaching point.

+ It Would Be Splendid, Yet ... [Jau Puiku, tik dar šiek tiek...]

Lina Luzyté, 2009, LT, video, ov st ang, 28'

Winner at a lottery, a family expects the visit of an american photographer. He is to capture the common lithuanian family for a magazine. Starts a somewhat fussy metamorphosis. Still(s) in Lithuania.

01.10 > 22:00 + 09.10 > 20:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

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Giedré Beinoriuté, 2008, LT, video, ov st fr & nl, 45'

“Falling out of a balcony and scratching a chin or swallowing a fishbone – doesn’t hurt, but it hurts to love.” The eighties. Soviet time in this little town. Where young Rolanas moves in with his newly divorced father. He soon meets Emilija, 11, on the next-door balcony. Shy as children can be, they set up unusual ways of communicating. When Emilija’s access to the balcony is forbidden, it encourages them to go on a “real” date.

In presence of Giedré Beinoriuté.

For children from 9 years old.

10.10 > 16:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

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