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Pink Screens


We are delighted to present the visual for the 9th edition of Pink Screens Film Festival which will take place from 21 to 30 October at Cinema Nova.
Bold and subversive, Pink Screens is the only film festival in Belgium that challenges, in a plural and non Manichean way, issues about gender and sexualities, with a twist of honesty, humour and curiosity.
Pink Screens Film Festival is organised by volunteer association Genres d’à Côté and considers queer theories and themes with a cinephile angle, exploring original and taboo-free cinematography from all over the world.
Once again, our programme will explore various themes, in parallel with an exclusive focus on two artists who can’t be easily labelled: Barbara Hammer and Daniel Schmid. With the collaboration of Bozar and Cinematek, we will put these essential, though very little known, artists into the spotlight. Moreover, following a retrospective at New York’s MOMA, and before London’s Tate Modern, Pink Screens and Bozar will be the only to show the amazing works of Barbara Hammer in Belgium!
We hope to find you as curious as we are excited to programme challenging films in our festival.
The Team of Pink Screens Film Festival

Daniel Schmid (1941-2006) is a Swiss director, author of 13 films and the staging of several operas. He received a honorary Leopard at Locarno Film Festival in 1999. He is one of the major directors of 1970’s German New Wave, with peers like Fassbinder, Shroeter or Wenders. Though not as famous, his work is essential.

Barbara Hammer, born in 1939 in Hollywood, she is a lesbian director and has written, directed and produced her own films; documentaries or self-biographies, her films are generally black and white. Her films are marginal, often experimental, and have won several awards: they explore female sexuality, build a lesbian heritage and celebrate queer life.



Javier Fuentes-León, 2009, PE, 35mm, ov st fr, 100

Peru, in a small fishing port where the mentality of the village is deeply marked by tradition, Miguel, married and soon to be father is also in love with Santiago, a painter shunned by the village community for his homosexuality. Following an accident, Santiago disappears from the eyes of all except Miguel, allowing them to ‘openly’ live out their passion….This ‘haunted’ story firmly rooted in daily reality told in an enlightened, sensual and disturbing film.

21.10 > 19:30 + 24.10 > 17:30

James Kent, 2010, GB, video, ov st fr, 80

This rich fiction, based upon the incredible but true story of Anne Lister, a bold and passionate heroine of the 19th century, who frightens the English countryside living openly her life as a lesbian. From conquest to conquest, Anne Lister kept a secret coded diary where she described her sexual adventures in a bold and contemporary style. What more to say? Here is the first modern lesbian!

21.10 > 21:30 + 26.10 > 19:30

+ Vandals

Simon Streuli, 2008, US, video, ov st fr, 17

Love and spray cans... the relationship of two graffiti artists weakened by a secret.

+ Non Love Song

Erik Gernand, 2009, US, video, ov st fr, 8

Before the return to university, two pals say goodbye. A tender evocation of a loving friendship.

+ A Teenager in Love

Yuichi Suita, 2009, JP, video, ov st fr, 16

A good looking young man is swimming laps while being watched from the side of the pool by another, who cannot swim. But a young woman is also watching…

+ Omar

Sébastien Gabriel, 2010, FR, video, ov, 8

In an urban estate, Omar is torn between his macho mates and his yearnings for a young gay, bullied by the local youth.

+ Les incroyables aventures de Fusion Man

Xavier Gens & Marius Valé, 2009, FR, video, ov st nl, 8

Your man is a super-hero who stands you up while he goes to save cute young men in distress. But you love him all the same!

+ Amor Crudo

Juan Chappa & Martin Deux, 2008, AR, video, ov, 15

Football, friends and feelings combine. The last day of school and everything still seems possible.

+ Deep Red

Eddie Tapero, 2009, IL, video, ov st fr, 19

Gur and Yuval will stop at nothing to get money for their trip to Berlin. Until something unexpected happens and puts in peril both their objective and their relationship.

22.10 > 19:30 + 28.10 > 21:30

Susan Muska & Greta Olafsdottir, 2009, US, video, ov st fr, 67

All about Edie and Théa, two women who never stopped making love: their first encounters in the 1960’s, their travels, their history over 50 years, with in the background the civil rights fight in the United States. The almost Fairy Tale of Pink Screens that will have you brushing away a tear and make you want to be old, in love, and above all, to wear a dress like Jackie Kennedy..

+ Just me ?

Amy Neil, 2007, US, video, ov st fr, 22

22.10 > 21:30

Bruce Labruce, 2010, US-DE, video, ov ang st fr, 63

In the land of zombies, Bruce La Bruce is king. After ‘Otto’, the cult film maker sticks his camera even further into jolly blood soaked guts. Always sentimental, he turns porn star François Sagat into a zombie who awakes his sexy corpses by penetrating them in their wounds: sexuality unprecedented and outrageous. It is beautiful, joyously disturbing, moving and exciting. The music is superbe. The sensual presence of Tony Ward (‘Hustler White’ and ‘Madonna’) is the cherry on this surprising cannibal feast.

+ I Want Your Love

Travis Mathews, 2010, US, video, ov st fr, 14

22.10 > 23:30

Lisa Cholodenko, 2010, US, 35mm, ov st fr & nl, 104

Raised by their two mothers, together for 20 years, a brother and sister now old enough to legally access their files, decide to search out the donor who is the father of them both… Winner of a Teddy for best film in 2010, this hilarious comedy gives us a Annette Bening unrecognizable in a couple with the always sublime Julianne Moore, gay icon and now also a lesbian icon. As the donor-father, Mark Ruffalo is irresistibly sexy.

23.10 > 19:30

Christophe Honoré, 2010, FR, video, ov st nl, 72

Omar and Emmanuel spare nothing to prove that they no longer love each other. This film by Christophe Honoré (’Les Chansons d’amour’) is between a work of fiction set in a ‘hot’ – in the erotic sense! – suburb and a travel guide to New York. A sexual film (yes there is a lot of sex), tender, romantic, violent and surprising that uses the screen to show off the impressive body of ex-porn star François Sagal while confronted by his lovers.

23.10 > 21:30

Joan Braderman, 2009, US, video, ov st fr, 96

Once upon a time there was an emerging feminist movement with inspired female artists and a magazine, ’Heresies’, which allowed them to explore their condition of women in the world of Arts collectively as well as the issues on the agenda of the feminist movement at the time. The Heretics is the story of this magazine, through newsreels and contemporary interviews, that tells about the ’awakening’ of these women and their careers both as artists and militants. An insight into a moment in the history of women that will make you regret not having been part of it.

24.10 > 15:30

+ Kristy

Marcia Ong, 2008, US, video, ov st fr, 7

This is what happens when your mother prefers to see you in a dress rather than in your old beloved torn up T-shirt.

+ Buttery Top

Catherine Crouch, 2009, US, video, ov, 4

A romantic meeting, two women with an existential question: Which bread to serve with their meal?

+ Pink River

Zacharias Mavroeidis, 2009, BA, video, ov st fr & ang, 19

Meri passes by Sarajevo that she had left to be herself, ’out’, somewhere else. Her ex- has followed a different path. But just how different is it?

+ Fresh Air Therapy

Christoph Scheerman, 2009, DE, video, ov st ang, 6

Petra and Kerstin unwind at their therapist’s...

+ Birthday [Födelsedag]

Jenifer Malmqvist, 2009, SE, video, ov st fr, 4

Sara organises Katarina’s birthday party with the help of their daughter Johanna and their friend Frederik. But Katarina has an announcement to make...

+ Mann mit bart

Maria Pavlidou, 2010, DE, video, ov, 11

For Merals’ grandmother a beard is essential for a man, but in Merals’s life a beard takes on a whole new meaning.

+ Close [Pod Bluzka]

Lucia Von Horn Pagano, 2008, PL-SE, video, ov st fr, 9

Tender and cheerful snapshot of friendship and first love somewhere in Lodz, Poland.

+ Tengo un secreto

Carlos Val, 2008, ES, video, ov st fr & ang, 16

8 year old Elisa has a secret. But how can she share it with the only person she trusts?

24.10 > 19:30



Ivan Zulueta, 1980, ES, 35mm, ov st fr, 105

A heroine addicted actress, a director and his friend with a camera form a strange and hallucinating trio in search of the ultimate work of art. How far will they go? With Cecilia Roth, Eusebio Poncela, and so it seems, Almodovar who voiceovers one of the actresses. This lost cult film populated by legends, signed by a cursed director of the Movida, displays a boundless fascination for a cinema total and spellbinding, and remains one of the films which marked the young post-Franco Spain.

24.10 > 21:30

Marco Berger, 2009, AR, 35mm, ov st fr & nl, 103

Bruno has just been dumped by his girlfriend and decides to seduce her new boy friend Pedro to undermine the new couple. The result of this love triangle is a mix of tenderness and sensuality: trapped in their own game, the young he(te)ros of the movie give themselves away to the confusion of their feelings. A first original movie that moves from being a prudish comedy to an intimate light drama, with interpreters who are as young as they are hot.

25.10 > 19:30

Virginie Despentes, 2009, FR, video, ov, 90

For or against pro-sex feminism? If you want to update yourself on this matter you have to see this movie of Virginie Despentes: she treats this subject brilliantly. From the 1980s to nowadays, with interviews and excerpts of shows by Maria Beatty, Ann Sprinkle, Émilie Jouvet, Lydia Lunch... The post-porn movement is brought forward as a tool of feminist protest, exploring the body, the gender stakes, the relations between power and female sexuality. Instructive as well as constructive!

25.10 > 21:30

Pietro Marcello, 2010, IT, 35mm, ov st fr & ang, 75

‘Enzo is the sweetness of a child in the body of a giant’, says Mary, a transsexual in love with Enzo, a mafioso, who meet while he is serving a 24 year (??) prison sentence. If their history is the principle raison d’etre of the film, it is by a long windy road that the film maker takes us, needing time to verify the place, time, and characters. Images of past and present, of the couple and the city of Genoa intersect and overlap to form a small work of art with grace and beauty.

+ To the marriage of true minds

Andrew Stegall, 2010, GB, video, ov st fr, 11

26.10 > 21:30

Barbara Hammer, 1992, US, 35mm, ov st fr, 67

An innovative and audacious movie. Its experimental form invokes the lost queer history: images of gay and lesbian couples mixed with excerpts of the first gay American movie ’Lost in Sodom’ of 1933.

+ No No Nooky TV

Barbara Hammer, 1987, US, 35mm, ov st fr, 12

+ Dyketactics

Barbara Hammer, 1974, US, 35mm, no dial, 4

27.10 > 19:30

+ Raped Carrot Porn

Urban Porn, 2010, FR, video, no dial, 2

A recipe for ’vegetarian’ sex.

+ Ultimate Sub Ultimate Dom

Dayna McLeod, 2009, CA, video, ov ang st fr

Julie Andrews is dominant of wordt gedomineerd, afhankelijk van of ze nu Maria Von Trapp of Mary Poppins speelt...

+ Consecuente/consecuencias

Juanma Carrillo, 2010, ES, video, no dial, 3

A moving video creation about the game of love and its consequences.

+ Créé [Made Up]

Owen Eric Wood, 2008, CA, video, ov fr, 4

What’s the meaning of ’masculinity’ or ’being a man’ in the eyes of gays liberated (not?) from homophobic stereotypes and gender?

+ Don’t Kill Britney

Pascal Lièvre, 2008, FR, video, no dial, 3

Remake of the ’Cry’ of Edward Munch in support of the singer Britney Spears, who is haunted by the media.

+ Doggy Bag

Tom de Pékin, 2010, FR, video, no dial, 2

Being his master’s dog ... what a joy !

+ With a special live performance by Tom de Pékin & Monsieur K!

+ Galactic Docking Company

Clark Nikolai, 2009, CA, video, no dial, 3

An orbital date, all in newsreel. Houston, do you ’take’ me?

+ Todas

Josée Martret, 2008, ES, video, ov st fr & nl, 26

Arriving in Madrid to become a woman, David is welcomed by Coral and a group of prostitute and transsexual friends.

+ Lapsus

Arnaud Visinet, 2008, FR, video, ov, 19

We will never hear from this youngster going from date to date until judgement day.

+ Yo Solo Miro

Gorka Cornejo, 2008, ES, video, ov st fr, 18

Julia unveils her husband’s most secret desires. How is she going to deal with them?

+ Matthew

Menelaou & Rueberg, GB, super8, no dial, 2

An old fashioned ode to the male body: pure hedonism and the male body as an object.

Riot Acts

Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance

Madsen Minax, 2009, US, video, ov st fr, 76

Riot Acts takes us to meet trans-artists in the North American rock scene. This journey interspersed with musical discoveries crosses the testimony of this double experience, both of identity and music. It flows through subjects such as the influence of identity on literature, the relationship between the voice and its eventual changes due to hormones, the way to present on stage a society where body and identity are undeniably political, and offering an original and rich approach to trans-identity.

28.10 > 19:30

Sara St. Martin Lynne, 2009, US, video, ov st fr, 78

Jesse, a 12 year old, has just arrived in a rather conservative rural village with her less than understanding father and her ’delightfully’ normal little sister. Fascinated with insects and barricaded behind her helmet, she doesn’t fit the traditional role of girls her age, who are thrilled to welcome her with a rain of meatballs. This moving film evokes the hardship of the passage from childhood to adolescence through the beautiful character of a tomboy... or a full-blown woman ?!

29.10 > 19:30

Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman, 2010, US, 35mm, ov st fr & nl, 90

29.10 > 21:30

Mia Engberg, 2009, SE, video, ov st fr, 96

What is ‘Feminist Porn’? Is it possible to produce feminist pornographic films? What form would they take? Does it lead us to an alternative representation of feminine sexuality by filming bodies differently, as well as sex, desire and pleasure? Twelve female film makers try to respond to this question through twelve short films. Without a clear opening definition, or a monolithic response at the end, but twelve various illustrations that are as much questions as answers.

29.10 > 23:30

Schatten Der Engel

L’ombre des anges

Daniel Schmid, 1976, CH, 35mm, ov de st fr, 100

Lily Brest, a solitary prostitute unable to solicitate for herself, her pimp obsessed with the sex of his clients, her father, ex-Nazi and transvestite, a Jewish promoter….a kaleidoscope of multiple personalities. The Shadow of Angels is a film about power, money and the total impunity of love. Its beauty is not only due to Fassbinder’s story, but also the dramatic force of the images and the direction of Schmid, but also the interpretation by an actress of immense talent, Ingrid Caven.

23.10 > 17:30

Pascal Hofmann & Benny Jaberg, 2009, CH, 35mm, ov de st fr, 83

This documentary about Daniel Schmid, director and friend of R.W. Fassbinder and W. Schroeter plunges us into the effervescent creativity of 1970s Germany. Thanks to numerous sequences extracted from his films, in his company or that of his numerous collaborators (Ingred Caven, Bulle Ogier…) we undertake a magnificent cinematic voyage into the life and works of one of the most original artists Switzerland has given us.

30.10 > 17:30


El ultimo verano de la Boyita

(Le dernier été de la Boyita)

Julia Solomonoff, 2009, AR, 35mm, ov st fr & nl, 93

It’s the summer of all changes and the ultimate step into adulthood. Jorgelina’s parents divorce and her teenage sister becomes distant, leaving her to play alone in la Boyita, the caravan of their childhood. In the countryside she meets Mario, the son of some neighboring peasants, with whom she discovers that the world is a much more complex, confusing and fascinating place. A beautiful and intimate movie about the awakening and mysteries of sexual identity, through the eyes of a child.

30.10 > 19:30



Gregg Araki, 2010, US, 35mm, ov st fr & nl, 86

Smith lives a peaceful existence around the campus: he hangs out with his best friend, the impertinent Stella, sleeps with the beautiful London while lusting for Thor, his sublime and somewhat moronic flatmate – till one terrifying night when under the influence of drugs his whole world changes. Araki throws a bit of Twin Peaks into his trashy universe with the wit of Totally f****** up, Nowhere and Doom Generation.

30.10 > 21:30

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