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#123a - Offscreen

09.02 → 27.02.2011
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The fourth edition of Offscreen is out of this world:
Your eyes will literally be knocked out of orbit after seeing the ancient new worlds discovered during this Outer Space retro-futurist trip to the pre-digital effects era. Nova Millenium spacecraft at your service, here to take you on epic voyages to distant stars. Venus, Pluke, TEM4... we’ll even be visited by a Man from Uranus!
Luigi Cozzi will come in person from Italy to present his ineffable "Starcrash". Monte Hellman will join us from the bowels of hell with his newest movie as well as some gems from the past.
Phil Mulloy only has to cross the Channel to come present "Goodbye, Mister Christie" and selected titles from his off-beat retrospective of work in which distant planets aren’t really much more bizarre than England.
And there’s no need for law enforcement on planet Offscreen, because Tony Rayns himself will attend and do us the honor of presenting a catalogue of films from the legendary Shaw Brothers studios, creator of amazing Kung Fu films and much more...
The inter-galagtic voyage will end on planet Bandage, with Face/Off where identity comes face-to-face with.. well, the face.
For this 2011 edition, Saturn has aligned with the moon to fall in the House of Quality Acting, giving rise to such prominent talents as the eminent David Hasselhoff and a rubber tire

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