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Suzan Pitt

Suzan Pitt’s work consists mainly of traditional animation which she complements with all kinds of experimental animation techniques, allowing her to push the boundaries of the art form. Her appetite for experimentation and her background in painting brought her work almost exclusively to art galleries and museums. In the early 80s, the larger public finally had a chance to discover her unconventional animation on the big screen: her short film Asparagus, a surrealist portrait of feminine sexuality, screened for two years in the midnight movie circuit as an opener for David Lynch’s "Eraserhead" (1979) throughout the USA, thus gaining her notoriety amongst cult film enthusiasts.

We’ll present a selection of short films in the presence of Suzan Pitt. The selection includes "Asparagus" as well as "Joy Street" (1995), "El Doctor" (2006) and her most recent film, "Visitation" (2011). Suzan Pitt teaches in the program for Experimental Animation at the California Institute of the Arts, making her an excellent choice for offering a workshop to animation students at RITS in Brussels and KASK in Ghent.

+ Asparagus

Suzan Pitt, 1979, US, video, ov , 20'

+ Joy Street

Suzan Pitt, 1995, US, video, ov , 24'

+ El Doctor

Suzan Pitt, 2006, US, video, ov , 23'

+ Visitation

Suzan Pitt, 2011, US, video, ov , 9'

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