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Special screenings

And there’s more! Besides its thematic film programs, the festival offers several special screenings. There’s a tribute to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the self-proclaimed “cineast of the absurd” who tragically passed away last year. A second evening will be fully dedicated to former Brussels porn theatre ABC and looks set to get naughty and sweaty. Then there your annual appointment with Shortscreen for this year’s weirdest short films and two nostalgic matinee shows with their unique atmosphere.

A nostalgic trip back to the Golden Age of cinema: the Sunday afternoon Matinee screening for all ages. Welcomed by old school hostesses ans surprised by gimmicks, treat yourself to ice cream and a vintage eighties extravaganza in glorious Scope format!

On Sunday 8 March we have a date with a “Mean Green Mother from Outer Space” in the musical comedy “Little Shop of Horrors”. We’ll meet again for our second matinee-appointment on Sunday 22 March, to wind up in a cooking pot next to a young Sharon Stone in the roaring adventure film “King Solomon’s Mines".

In collaboration with La Rétine de Plateau

Short films


For the annual Shortscreen program, Offscreen and website selected five new Belgian short films – and one Dutch - that fit the Offscreen criteria: original, unusual, bizarre and surprising. The films will be introduced by the filmmakers!

+ Les pécheresses

Gerlando Infuso, 2014, BE, HD, ov nl st fr, 17'

Three stories on three women from three different eras. A mesmerising spectacle full of excess and sensuality

+ Wien for Life

Alidor Dolfing, 2014, BE, HD, ov nl st fr, 24'

An off-the-wall crime comedy about two oddballs whose unusual friendship is torn apart by a winning lottery ticket scratched off in a desolate petrol station on the border between Flanders and France.

+ Deep Space

Bruno Tondeur, 2014, BE, HD, no dial, 7'

Brandon is given his first intergalactic mission: to find an intelligent species. His search brings him to a planet with strange creatures with surprisingly libertarian manners.

+ In de naam van de kater

Thijs De Block, 2014, BE, HD, ov nl st fr, 21'

When Abraham, a dissolute accordion player with a sheep and a massive hangover arrives in a peaceful rural town, the lives of the inhabitants will never be the same again.

+ Le labyrinthe

Mathieu Labaye, 2013, BE, HD, no dial, 9'

An intense experience through the eyes of a prisoner. Six square metres, every day, every hour. A descent into the madness of isolation.

+ P

Aaron Rookus, 2014, NL, HD, ov st ang, 10'

A family reaches boiling point during a pit stop on their way home from what might be their last holiday together. But the volatile cocktail of sweltering heat, restless hormones and suppressed frustration fails to explode, leading instead to reconciliation.

18.03 > 20:00  
5€ / 3,5€

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, self-proclaimed “cineast of the absurd”, tragically passed away in 2014. A compulsive filmmaker who, despite everything seeming to be set up against it, grew out to be one of the most productive Belgian directors ever! Between 1964 and 2014 he made more than 50 films, short and long, flouting all the rules: without formal schooling, money, help (except from all the unconditional fans surrounding him) and almost without distribution, his radical, personal films are full of the unexpected. Great experimental spectacles, as much impregnated by a supernatural, fantastic universe as by the social struggle of Wallonia. Cinema that passes from action to horror by ways of metaphysical poetry, never turning away from self-mockery and seemingly involuntary humour. Grand art that brings together on the screen perverse cannibals, mystical teutons, savants fous, demons, criminal motor gangs and karate-cops, all against a background of Soviet conspiracies and secret societies. We bring homage to this free spirit, in the company of some of his close friends, with a selection of films and a few surprises...

If I had the means of Steven Spielberg, I would do better. If he had had my means, he would have never made films. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

With amongst others:
- Germaine Grandier (1972, 25’)
- Catalepsie (1976, 9’)
- L’histoire du cinéma 16 (1982, 54’)
- Furor Teutonicus (1999, 26’)
- Le goulag de la terreur (2001, 22’)
- Docteur Loiseau: La solution finale (2013, 32’)

19.03 > 20:00  
5€ / 3,5€ (soirée / avond)

ABC: When Porno Was Chic

A Tribute to the ABC Cinema

The closing night of last year’s festival was the start of the rescue mission for Brussels former sex cinema: ABC Cinema. In no time, € 60,000 was collected by the Cineact foundation, consisting of members of Offscreen, Cinema Nova and La rétine de Plateau. However, the sudden death of the owner led to a still ongoing juridical battle with the heirs. “Cine 70’s”, the program that would have been the first public reopening of the ABC during Nuit Blanche, was forced to be held on the pavement, in front of the theatre’s padlocked doors. This cancelled party will finally be celebrated at Offscreen. While the cinema may not have been saved (yet), Cinema Nova did manage to salvage more than 600 films. It will be a tribute to the ABC featuring steamy films, vintage porn trailers, filmed testimonies, surprise acts and musical intermezzi – to turn into a wickedly funky 70’s party. Entry is free for contributors to the ABC project (but do confirm by email if you want to come, and come early!), all others we’ll ask a reasonable contribution for a long, hot evening filled with naughty film pleasure.

20.03 > 20:00  
7,5€ / 6€ (soirée / avond)

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