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La pie voleuse

These colorful and bold adaptations of Rossini’s operas are a ballet of shapes and colors.

+ L’italienne à Alger

Emanuele Luzzati & Giulio Gianini, 1968, no dial, 12'

Lindoro and his fiancée Isabelle are imprisoned by Mustafa phasa who is looking for a new wife.

+ La pie voleuse

Emanuele Luzzati & Giulio Gianini, 1964, no dial, 11'

Three kings declare war on the birds. But a magpie has plans to throw a spanner in the straw.

+ Polichinelle

Emanuele Luzzati & Giulio Gianini, 1973, no dial, 12'

The lazy, funny villain Polichinelle is chased by his wife and the police.

05.11 > 14:00
5€ / 3,5€

André Melançon, 1984, ov fr 92'

On the last day before the holiday’s start, Luc Chicoine brings the military horn of his grandfather to school. His classmates are impressed and Luc proposes to play ‘war’ during the holiday’s. The boys gather in the barn where they keep their “weapons” and set the rules of their war.
A tribute to André Melançon, who died in August 2016 and who’s films (“this one and “Bach et Bottine”) marked a whole generation.

05.11 > 15:00
5€ / 3,5€

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